Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Today my second daughter Nuraishah (shasha) celebrates her 18th bday. Requested for cupcakes. 18 pieces altogether. Tadi pagi mama bake and garnish with simple chocolate topping. To go along mama cook spaghetti for them. and off to Marina Barrage together with Nazli and a few of shasha's friend.

My darling dah pesan jangan balik lambat. Kalau balik lambat hadiah dapat lambat juga... This morning abah kiss her full pipi. Gebu gitu.

Dah 18thn dah anak mama. 18 year ago when she was born..... among the 3 children, she's the smallest one. But today 2009, she's the biggest among the sibblings and also among the parents.

Anyway mama wish all the best in whatever she's doing and be happy ^_^

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